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INTERCEDENCE ALTARS ™  are made in the USA of the highest  quality solid oak wood.

A PLace To Commune With God

Everyone Should Have An Altar


Just like the wearing of a prayer shawl (Tallit) or the blowing of a shofar ( an ancient musical horn typically made of a ram's horn, used for Jewish religious purposes.) or taking communion, an altar is  symbolic. Church buildings have “altars” for prayer, communion, weddings, and other sacred purposes.  

The human heart has an invisible altar where the war between the flesh  and the spirit rages. When we surrender areas of our lives to the  control of the Holy Spirit, we are in effect laying that area on the altar  before God. We don’t need a flat-topped surface; we can surrender our  lives to God on the altar of our hearts at any time.  Some Christians create their own altars” for personal worship as  visible reminders of Romans 12:1, which says to “present yourself as a living sacrifice.” 

One can create an altar easily enough. A table or a box, in a corner designated as such, may suffice.

An altar is a place to commune with God.

An altar is a place of personal worship.

An altar is a  place for family prayer.

An altar is a touch point for healing.

An altar represents a place of consecration.

An altar is a place of biblical warfare and intercession.

An altar is a place of thanksgiving.

An altar is a designated place of consecration 

INTERCEDENCE ALTARS ™  are made in the USA of the highest quality solid oak by a Christian manufacturer. Each altar has a distinctive and luxurious  appearance that makes it an elegant addition  to any home and a perfect gift for your special, devout, spiritual or religious friend or relative. 

Each altar is engraved with the words  "I AM" as referenced in Exodus 3:14 pertaining to whom God says he is and the cross, symbolic of the  resurrection of Christ. The drawer is large enough to hold a bible, journal or book of your choice.  The open lid reveals an additional modest storage space place to store  a notepad, anointing oil, pictures, vision or dream descriptions, etc. The Altar can also be used as a bible stand. The side extensions are  excellent to hold your favorite altar accessories.  

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Individually Made To Order

Solid Oak Christian Personal Home Altars Made in America

There is something exciting about the fragrance of freshly manufactured  Oak. Since wood is a product of nature, it can vary from tree to tree, even in the same wood species.  No two altars are the same.

Approximate Dimensions:  

12 to 21 inches wide (fully extended) 

 7 inches tall -  8.5 inches deep

Shipping Weight: 34 lbs. (Includes damage proof packaging)

Special Introductory Offer! $229.95 Free Tax, Shipping & Handling


For a limited time only INTERCEDENCE LLC will pay the Tax, Shipping, and Handling fee when you order your personal table top altar. Please allow  3  to 6 weeks for delivery .


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An Altar In Every Home

Every INTERCEDENCE ALTAR ™ is made to order in America  of the finest quality solid oak wood.


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